Portable Flue Gas analyzer
Portable Flue Gas Analyzer
Our Flue gas Analyzers are flexible, portable analyser which is basically made up of a control unit, an analyser box, and a flue gas probe, depending on customer requirements. This is mainly used to check efficiency in a combustion process as well as emission monitoring.

Many gases like O2, CO, CO2, H2S, SOx, NOx, HC etc can be measured and analyzed in a single gas analyser

Multiple parameters like Differential pressure, Velocity, Temperature can be measured from the same unit.
The different flue gas anaysers provided by us are as follows
1. Testo 327 Series
We have two different versions available in this series whose specifications are given as below:
       Model : 327
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1. testo 327 - 1
Basic exhaust gas analyzer
(O2 / hPa / °C)
testo 327-1 O2 flue gas analyser,
rechargeable battery and calibration
protocol included, measures O2, hPa
and °C
2. testo 327 – 2
Service exhaust gas analyzer
(°C / O2 / CO2 / CO / flue draught)
testo 327-2 flue gas analyzer,
rechargeable battery and calibration
protocol included, measures O2, CO,
hPa and °C
2. Testo 330 Series
        Model : 330
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1. testo 330-1 LL
Exhaust gas analyzer with Longlife
testo 330-1 LL flue gas analyzer with
long-life gas sensors, rechargeable
battery and calibration protocol included
2. testo 330-2 LL
Exhaust gas analyzer with Longlife
sensors and integrated draught/gas
testo 330-2 LL flue gas analyser with
long-life gas sensors and built-in
draught and gas zeroing, rech. batt.
and calibration protocol included
3. Testo 340 Series
1. testo 340
The four gas analyzer equipped with O2 sensor as a standard. Can measure upto four gases at the same time. We can choose from NO2, CO Low, CO, NO, NO Low & SO2.

        Model : 340
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4. Testo 350 Series
        Model : 350 XL
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1. Testo 350 XL
testo 350 XL flue gas analyzer box
testo 350 XL analyzer box, equipped with O2, CO (with switch-off and rinse function), NO, NO2, differential pressure measurement, 2 temperature probe sockets, gas preparation, Testo data bus adapter, automatic fresh air rinse with valve (including measurement range extension with dilution factor 5 for all sensors), built-in rechargeable battery, data memory, can be upgraded to max. 6 gas sensors (with H2S, HC, SO2, CO2 NDIR)
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